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Lean Mentoring Program

Find out how to increase efficiency by focusing only on what you actually have influence

Many people come to me at the very beginning of their effective management path. Who? Business owners, CEOs, and directors who know what their company needs, but do not have the budget to hire a consulting firm or who have had a bad experience with consultants. These are managers and coordinators who know what they need to do, but are not sure how to plan changes well to maximally engage and motivate people. Production managers, planners, and warehouse managers who know very well that the production process is made up of chain links connected to each other and that they will not achieve much if other departments do not want to cooperate. Some people think that I have a magic wand and, with its touch, the company will change beyond recognition. However, most know that change is a long process and does not have to generate savings right away. They need an indicator to show that they are moving in the right direction. If this sounds familiar, I can assure you that there are many things, even outside your department, that you have influence over. With the right commitment – and without sending your entire company on time-consuming training – you are able to increase its efficiency.

I will become your guide

Here's how you will benefit from it:

We will describe your problem and work on it together for 6 weeks by meeting online or, when the situation requires it, with a designated member of my team – a specialist in a specific field.
Mentoring - efektywne zarzadzanie

There are 3 programs available to work together


1 hour a week for 6 weeks – online. We set the direction, define tasks, you work on your own, and I turn in actively when you need it and help overcome obstacles.


5 hours a week for 6 weeks – online and/or in-person (if necessary). We set the direction and define tasks, you work independently with my dynamic support, we work together in some areas, and I account for the tasks and help if you cannot cope.


10 hours a week for 6 weeks – online and/or in-person (if necessary). We work together intensively. Some things I can do for you: meet the team, conduct a workshop or training. I contribute to your change and take responsibility for it. It's not easy, but we keep going to the finish line.
Mentoring - efektywne zarzadzanie
Regardless of whether the cooperation takes place online or in-person, it costs the same (we do not add a logistics cost) and is invoiced once a month according to the chosen program. If not all hours are used, we agree on how to use them (extend the cooperation, change the form, or choose a different product).

  • Clients who are very independent and work in an established organisational culture tend to choose active work.
  • Small companies that need support in a specific task often choose the active or dynamic version.
  • Larger companies that have specific tasks to perform tend to choose dynamic or intensive work.
  • When a company is in the organisation, production, or operation phase and the team is in the construction phase, they usually prefer to rely on the experience of those who have made and seen many mistakes. That is why they typically choose intensive work.

If you are ambitious and entrepreneurial, you obviously aim for:

  • improvement and self-growth, regardless of the circumstances,
  • continuous improvement with even a minimal learning budget,
  • opportunities to implement improvements,
  • analysis of your actions and drawing conclusions,
  • effectively increasing efficiency and focusing on the results.
I will become your guide and this will be your best investment yet because it will allow you to work on your process on a regular basis without leaving your office or home. This is not training, after which it will be difficult for you to start implementing changes – rather, it is the effective use of 6 weeks to prepare your own action plan according to a proven scheme:
Mentoring - schemat planu działań

In addition to these 6 live substantive meetings (online or in-person), you get:


e-book or audiobook "Problem Solving Clock", plus a video course and the necessary worksheets


e-book "Do you even need Lean Management?" with ready-made tools to work on your process
What will your participation in our meetings give you?
You will be able to define your organisation process maturity and, thus, adjust the level of change implementation according to the company's readiness. This means that you will not throw the team "in at the deep end", but will know exactly what to do and in what order
You will learn the elements of process management and create a detailed map of your processes. You will know exactly which processes constitute the "path" of your product and who is responsible for what stage
By learning the most important elements of effective management, you will prepare your action plan. You will also know how to influence the timely implementation of activities and achieve the goals you set for yourself
You will learn how to strengthen the commitment of all employees according to the principle "I do not accept bad quality, I do not make bad quality, I do not pass on bad quality". You will learn some effective ways to easily increase quality inside the process
You will learn the value of the standardisation of the most important steps in the production process. You will also know what to standardise and why not to focus on everything at once, which is often unsuccessful
You will learn the rules and principles of quality management and you will learn how to effectively cooperate with other departments in this area. You will learn my definition of good sense management and you will learn in which direction to go in order to generate effective savings in the process
You will learn the Problem Solving Clock method, which is perfect for the change management process
You will solve the most pressing problems that you cannot cope with, need help with, or simply don't have time for while you focus on the current results
The program that I am offering you is a tested formula that I have been using when working with my clients for many months, generating really concrete changes in their organisations. An integral part of the program is the original materials I have been using in working with clients for almost 25 years. They help you to work on the change between our meetings.
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Tomasz Król

Tomasz Król

Trainer, consultant, and inspirer. He has been supporting companies in the process of change since 1997. Originator of the Lean Camp conference series since 2012, co-creator of System.Tenacity.Efficiency.Progress (S.T.E.P.), and lecturer and co-creator of postgraduate study programs at four universities in Poland. Author of the highly rated bestseller "Lean management the Polish Way ", the "Problem Solving Clock" method, and many inspiring articles in industry magazines. Manages the Institute for Development of Production. He looks for solutions instead of excuses.
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